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$33/DAY- by Crystal Springs
$33/DAY- BY CRYSTAL SPRINGS Daily & Weekly En-suite Rooms ----------LOCATION---------- *2 miles from the famous Crystal Hot Springs (#1 highest mineral content in the world *At: 6910 North Hwy 38, Honeyville, Utah 84314 , I-15 Exit 272 (1 hour North of SLC) *2 minute drive from Crystal Hot Springs (highest mineral content in the world) *10 minute drive from the Brigham Mormon Temple *20 minute drive from the Bear River Migratory bird refuge *10 minute drive from Wal-Mart, fine dining, fast food, and other stores in Downtown Brigham City *Located at the base of the Wasatch Mountain range in Honeyville (beautiful views of the Mountain) ----------NEW ROOMS---------- *NEW 2013 Inn with brand new rooms and facilities *Smoke free rooms with TV, and access to a furnished kitchen *Energy efficient concrete walls that keep the noise and weather out of your room *Self-check-in after 3 p.m. ----------COME AND RELAX---------- *Leave the city and come an enjoy a rural location with open spaces and fauna (no big buildings, stores, rush hour, etc.); then drive 2 minutes and soak in the #1 highest mineral-medicinal water in the world!! *You will come out of Honeyville feeling rejuvenated and relaxed; ready and refreshed to start anew: all of this for a nominal fee, without having to travel outside of Utah- you will feel like you spent a week of vacation!! This is the perfect get away and home away from home; you wont miss hardly anything you have a home: (1) *Need a furnished kitchen? We have it! You can also cook a homemade meal in the Check-in Lobby furnished kitchen. (2) Need to wash your clothes? We have laundry facilities in the Check-in Lobby. (3) What about Wi-Fi? Need to keep in touch with your friends or check your email? We have free Wi-Fi, throughout the building and inside the rooms. (4) Need to park your car? We have a private parking lot. (5) Need to get a way from the city stress, noise, buildings, pollution, etc? You will find that here too!! Inside the rooms, it is extremely quite and outside the rooms you can actually see deer, horses, cows, billy goats, birds, etc. in great abundance. ----------BOOK NOW---------- *Book a room at, by clicking on the green "Book Now" button. ----------FAST SELF-CHECK-IN---------- *24 Hours Self-Check-In (for online bookings) *$237/Single Room with bathroom (one adult) for seven nights. THIS IS NOT A MONTHLY ROOM *$286/Double Room with bathroom (two adults) for seven nights. THIS IS NOT A MONTHLY ROOM *$33/Private Single Room with bathroom (one adult) *$40/Private Double Room with bathroom (two adults) *Family rooms available with bathroom (upon special request) *Rooms feature: (1) free Wi-Fi, (2) state-of-the-art heated floors, (3) convenient private entrances from the outside, (4) flat-screen LED TVs, and (5) breathtaking mountain views NOTE: Breakfast in the room will be coming soon ----------LOCATION---------- *Bicycles and laptops can be rented (by appointment only) *Bear River Migratory bird refuge. . . .25 mi (40 km) *Brigham Mormon Temple. . . . . . 10 mi (16 km) *Crystal Hot Springs. . . .2 mi (3.2 km) *Church-Buddhist. . . .2 mi (3.2 km) *Church-LDS. . . .0.1 miles (0.2 km) *Freeway. . . . 1 mi (1.6 km) *North Salt Lake City. . . . . . 60 mi (97 km) *McDonalds. . . . 11 mi (18 km) *Subway. . . . 13 mi (21 km) *Wal-Mart. . . . 11 mi (18 km) *Free Wi-Fi *Free Local & Long Distance Phone Calls *Coin Laundry with Free Dryer *Disposable Plates, Cups, Etc. *Furnished, Just Bring Your Suitcase ----------WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE---------- *Convenience Store *LDS Church *Post Office *Wasatch Mountain range *Deer sightings Fire station ----------TESTIMONIALS OF CAMELOT AND CRYSTAL HOT SPRINGS---------- *Yes I do (like it) a lot ... I will talk to my coworkers. ~Jose P, Utah, USA *Fine we slept well ... restful stay. ~Darrell F, Canada *Amazing BECAUSE it's Rustic This isn't a resort. This is a community center — where neighbors and far-flung fans come to soak in the amazing, natural hot springs. Yes, it LOOKS like a city pool — but the water is left un-touched ... And it's the un-touched quality of the water that makes it so great. If you want hot, chlorinated water, go to the gym. This place is a delightful break from the hectic life we all seem to lead. And the staff are all local high school students. Like I said … it's not a resort. It's a community. ~Silus G, Google Places *I came here with my young men's group. it's our favorite event of the year!! the slide is the coolest slide ever and it's warm too! way bigger than your average slide. I was told it was like 400 ft long but I'm not sure if that's true. The hot pools are amazing especially when it's cold outside I have also been to lava hot springs and I like this pool better cause it's deeper and not too hot and it also has a cool water fall! ... I know this is something that the young men in my ward will continue to do every year. ~Google User, Google Places *It's a nice place (Crystal Hot Springs) to go relax and its very fun for my nephews to have there birthday party's there :) Liked: The water slide ~Google User, Google Places *Crystal hot springs was an amazing trip, the water was perfect. The hot and cold waterfall going into the pools are spectacular. The water slides were also a fun extra that really added to the stay. All in all a great stay, and I will definitely be back. ~Joshua S, Google Places *This is one of the greatest places ever! There's just something extremely unique in swimming in water that is naturally heated by the earth! ~Kaylee G, Google Places *Not bad for a family night out ~Ken H, Google Places *What a find! We stayed in the campground. Grassy spots. Spacious spots. Big trees for shade. Wonderful hot springs that were clean and very relaxing. Very reasonable price for camping ....$25.00 for full hookups. Camped here in a motor home. Would stay here again for sure! ~Google User, Google Places *What a great place to have fun and relax! The management has really put allot of improvement into the place over the years and it shows. I also like that they empty the water each night, wash out the pools and refill, it really helps keep the water nice! They recently started heating the slide so it's fun in the winter too! This is a year round destination for my family! ~Google User, Google Places *The water is always so pleasant and relaxing. The place is never overcrowded and the staff is always pleasant. The place is kept neat and clean, especially for how old it is. Liked: Rooms, Service, Location, Value ~Google User, Google Places *We had a great time here! ... The slide was super fun ... All of the pools were great and cleaner than I expected ... it is a natural hot spring. I will definitely go again. Liked: Service, Location, Value ~Google User, Google Places ----------BOOK NOW---------- Book a room at, by clicking on the green "Book Now" button. ----------CONTACT INFORMATION---------- 6910 North Hwy 38 Honeyville, Utah 84314 I-15 Exit 272 (1 hour North of SLC)
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